Many women who are tapping into their sensual side may feel a concern about their appearance. This is perfectly normal. I mean, society has not made it easy for any ordinary woman to compete with the women we often see in the media. We weigh too much (in some cases, too little), we have over bites, we have limp hair, we do not wake up with flawless make up on, we have corns, we have no time to invest in looking like super models

I don't know about you, but I am a single mom of two boys who drops everything they touch on the floor. I'm also a full time student, a part time baby sitter (always on short notice), and the list of roles goes on and on. I can certainly relate to lack of time to invest for your self. But it must be done. Even if you carve out 5 minutes a day to start, it is better than nothing.

How can one give anything they do not possess for themselves? Even if you give all your blessed time away, eventually you will feel depleted and you eventually will be no good for those around you. Running on auto pilot is not the business, ladies. Dare not to consider establishing time for yourself as selfish. As a matter of fact it is an investment that everyone that you are blessed with benefits from. 

These 5 minutes are yours and are more precious than rubies. Treasure them and use them wisely. Rest, pray (give them back to God), exercise, sing, write, day dream, what ever you want. They are YOURS. Turn off the phone for those 5 minutes. If it is important, believe me... they will call you back. The point is to make these 5 minutes YOURS

Share with us how you spent YOUR 5 minutes, and what has been the result.  


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