Hi there my fellow Sensual Sisters. This is the first blog and I am so excited about bringing what I have learned about being a sensual woman within the exotic dance industry to YOU.  

I use to work for a strip club in Las Vegas. I had no idea what I was getting into, but I knew that I wanted to make money and FEEL SEXY. Well, to make a long story short, the women can be harsh (every woman for herself), the men can be beyond nasty, and the only way to get ahead (for most of us) was to either to be full of silicone or willing to do special favors for the managers.

I eventually left after I had done the 2 years I promised myself to do. Remember, that it can  be a job that can suck you in due to the cash pay. I got the experience that I wanted, full of thankfulness for what I learned, and was ready to move on.

Just when I thought it was all behind me, I found no peace being just the girl next door. I really liked the power I had over men. I did not consider myself a bombshell (that's one of the reasons why I kept a terrible shift). I certainly was not a slut (which is the other reason why the managers did not want to promote me to a better shift). Yet, there is an unspoken power behind being sensual. I lived it and I loved it.

I had to release this urge some how. I would go out to nightclubs to dance and hang out, only to have men begging me to go their hotel rooms. I was flattered. All I did was dance and it was not a lap dance either. I would dance with someone and move on to another after a few songs and change of company, only to find that the one I left before was waiting for me. Every night I went out it was this way.

Every woman should know this. Wives, wives-to-be, wives in training, and even the single diva (but she must be tastefull and resposible in her actions).  So now I am sharing with YOU what every woman SHOULD KNOW.

So enjoy the website and bloggs. Looking forward to your growth as a Sensual Woman.

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