I have come to realize that one of the biggest issues facing many women are insecurity. We tend to be insecure about so much when it comes to our personal appearance. I admit that I have a few of my own. One of the many issues is weight. 

I am only 105 and 5'2. Now that may seem ideal to you, but it's tough when people say things like "OMG, wut are you? A size negative 0?" or "U r so skinny". How about the men who say more booty is the way to go. There is always room for me to feel rejected. I have never thought to tell a thicker woman "OMG, what are you a size million?" 

Through out the years I have battled with my many insecurities. Then one day, as I stood in the mirror observing all I wanted to correct about myself, I realized that if I did not love me how could I expect anyone else too. I had to love me just as I am first. I had to love me just as I am before I could form any changes. The inward change would produce the result of the outward change I desired.

This encouragement I pass on to you, sister. You were created and a wonderful creation you are. Stand in that mirror today and embrace all that is of you. From the thoughts that makes your personality, to every curve that defines and shape your shell. It is yours. It is a gift, because there is no one like you in this world. You have a purpose and you were made inside and out to serve that purpose. You, my Sister are a GREAT being. Bask in knowing that. Then watch the real beauty and sex appeal unfold for you. 

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